Our Catamarans have our own Unique Stepped Hull Design

This gives a deeper bow which provides better ride comfort,better sea keeping qualities and increased grip in the water.

The hull form means windage is less of a problem,enabling our boats to have a higher tunnel.

This gives far greater wave clearance and the reduction of slamming in heavy seas that other catamarans suffer from.


All our Boats are Built in Excess of SFIA /HIDB /BIM

Boats can be supplied to any stage of completion. Custom built trailers are available for all models and make launching and retrieval simple.

Delivery can be arranged to any where in Europe,with all paperwork carried out by our staff. Our efficient hulls mean they can be powered by smaller engines, saving money on set up costs and running costs

18 kts with twin 30hp*
25kts with twin 40hp*
* Speeds on the 17 /19 range

Catermaran Hull Design

Our range is designed to give you a basic open boat option, from which you can then choose your own layout and mouldings to suit your needs.

Anything from a single steering console to full wheelhouse options.

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